Jas Sansi attends the first ever Awards Ceremony celebrating Midlands Women in Technology

Here’s his take on why these awards are vital in helping steer the aspiration of greater diversity in Tech. 


Last night the inaugural Midlands Women in Technology Awards showcased some of the region’s brightest stars in Tech.

009 Julie Mortimer, Lucy Powell, Gabrielle Barthelemy and Jo Perrins

Keynote speaker Jacqueline de Rojas expressed her joy in seeing an awards event celebrating the contribution of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outside of London.

041 Jacqueline de Rojas CBE.JPG

This was an important event to host, showcase and talk about. The lack of gender diversity in technology exposes vulnerability in this sector for our region.


Technology is shaping our lives in ways we could not envisage in the past. It is vital, in order to be at the cutting edge, to attract, retrain and foster the greatest talent available.


It’s vital women in technology are recognised and their achievements showcased in order to inspire those who want to succeed in the industry. If young girls read about and see other females achieving success in technology, it can only be beneficial in helping achieve their aspirations.


I envisage these awards growing year on year. Technology is moving at the speed of light, its bewildering for those of us entrenched in analogue lifestyles. In Manchester this week, I struggled to hail a cab, every one that passed operated under the umbrella of a tech start up operation bookable via an app.

021 Catherine Gibb, Laurie Phillips, Claire Carthy, Patricia McIntosh and Fay Gleeson.JPG

Earlier this week, I tweeted about the Laundromat at my daughter’s University Halls where the washing machine has an app built in which notifies her when the washing cycle is complete.

069 Preeya Verma, Olga Ciastko, Lynda Gillson and Gemma Cottrell.JPGThis was read by 14,000 people and attracted 95 likes. Technology and the Internet of Things will increasingly design our lifestyles and life choices. It’s something we either embrace, in the way Women in Tech Awards do or we risk being left behind, on the side of the road hailing a cab that no longer exists.

Congratulations to all finalists at Midlands Women in Tech Awards 2019. Here’s a list of the night’s winners:

Start Up Founder Award – Sonu Bubna (Shopper.com)

052 Start Up Founder Award - Sonu Bubna (Shopper.com).JPG

Apprentice Award – Shannon Lynch (JLR)

054 Apprentice Award - Shannon Lynch (JLR).JPG

Rising Star Award – Emily Lawton (REPL Group)

057 Rising Star Award - Emily Lawton (REPL Group)

Academic Award – Paula Mendes (University of Birmingham)

059 Academic Award - Paula Mendes (University of Birmingham).JPG

Tech for Good Award – Cate Rae (Widgit Software)

081 Tech for Good Award - Cate Rae (Widgit Software).JPG

Innovator Award – Melissa Snover (Nourish3d)

083 Innovator Award - Melissa Snover (Nourish3d).JPG

Best Digital Lead Award – Pat Crossley-Smith (Methods)

084 Best Digital Lead Award - Pat Crossley-Smith (Methods).JPG

Shining Star Award – Amandip Jheeta (TATA Consultancy)

086 Shining Star Award - Amandip Jheeta (TATA Consultancy).JPG

Lifetime Achievement Award – Mary Lee Berners-Lee

093 Lifetime Achievement Award - Mary Lee Berners-Lee.JPG

See the full set of images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jassansi/albums/72157711187148668

Jas Sansi is a freelance photographer based in Birmingham, Diversity Trustee for LoveBrum and contributor to The Asian Today newspaper.

@jassansi 07930 837 505