Winners 2023

Winner of the Academic Award 2023

Vladlena Benson

Cybersecurity Innovation Research Centre

Professor Benson has been a leading expert in the topical area of Cybersecurity Management. Her work is internationally recognized

In recognition of her work, she was selected for the Cabinet Office working group and the National Cybersecurity Strategy

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Winner of the Apprentice Award 2023

Christa Bridges


Christa is highly engaged in her day-to-day Engineering Apprentice role, working on one of our high profile projects, Her learnings will become part of the foundation as the future success of the company

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Winner of the Best Use Of Tech In A Public Sector Project Award 2023

Zara Topping

Ministry of Justice

Zara delivered the Prisons Technology Transformation Programme, overcoming significant challenges to deliver huge benefits to the Prison systems in terms of time efficiency, improved data access and communication.

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Winner of the Best Use of Tech in a Private Sector Project Award 2023

Natalie Wadley

ChangeMaker 3D

Natalie, has delivered an impressive projet that will revolutionize the construction industry and she is using this technology to create sustainable infrastructure that is more efficient, safer, and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

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Winner of the Innovator Award 2023

Kate Allan

ExpHand Prosthetics

ExpHand looks to change the nature of prosthetic provision, providing low cost, easily accessible prosthetics that are modular and adjustable. The ExpHand is made using 3D printing which allows low scale manufacture to take place anywhere in the world

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Winner of the Project Delivery Lead Award 2023

Charlotte Ludford


Charlotte stands as an industry role model, crafting her career from junior Civil Service ranks to Senior Civil Servant.
She has delivered some phenomenal pieces of work including digitising Lasting Powers of Attorney, which is something that will influence the lives of so many of us.

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Winner of the Rising Star Award 2023

Farah Shariff


Farah makes the biggest difference with her people skills and team first attitude.
She has been a role model to her own team and other teams in the way she has developed her own skills as well as her team. She is an extremely valuable member of the team and delivering value to her clients as well

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Winner of the Shining Star Award 2023

Chontica Leuaaroonsawat

Jaguar Land Rover

Despite having gone through more privilege barriers than the average women, both culturally, linguistically and financially, Chontica, has a phenomenal list of achievements over the last decade and still devotes time to mentor and support others around her.

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Winner of the Start-Up Founder Award 2023

Olivia Simpson


Olivia has always shown the true extent of her dedication towards positive impact in her community and the wider society. She is recognised for her amazing contribution to displace harmful non-recyclable plastics in a way which is feasible for all those in the supply chain to benefit.

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Winner of the Tech Entrepreneur Award 2023

Ilisha Masaun


As well as running a profitable business over the past 6 years, Ilisha has helped increase the social mobility of some of the most vulnerable students across the region. She has been a fearless innovator from a young age and her work has won her national recognition

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Winner of the Tech for Good Award 2023

Anitha Chinnaswamy

Aston Business School

Anitha joined Aston Business School in 2021, and is currently Senior Lecturer and Associate Director.
As well as her academic achievements, she also promotes diversity in the technology world, and runs a number of initiatives to encourage young girls to engage in cybersecurity and wider technology.

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Winner of the Tech Professional (Non-coding) Award 2023

Lisa Ventura MBE

Cyber Security Unity

Lisa has been an instrument figure in the world of cyber security for a numnber of years,

She was named as one of IT Security Guru’s “Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Security” and won the “Positive Role Model for Gender” award in ITV News’s National Diversity Awards

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Special Recognition Award 2023

Pam Waddell OBE

Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands

Dr. Pam Waddell OBE is a visionary and trailblazer in the field of innovation, whose unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have transformed the landscape of science and technology-based innovation in the West Midlands. She is the founding Director of the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands, which has been instrumental in stimulating innovation, elevating prosperity, and enhancing the quality of life across the region. Dr. Waddell’s extensive experience in nurturing and fostering robust innovation networks across diverse sectors and institutions stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to progress. Her impressive track record of securing major project funds and facilitating collaborations among the public, private, and research sectors has been nothing short of exemplary.

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